Five Ways to Help Protect Your Kids from Sexual Abuse | Julie Lowe

There is a growing alertness among parents, educators, and the church about the need to teach kids tangible ways to stay safe. Until children are old enough to keep themselves safe, it is the job of parents and concerned adults to prepare them to navigate difficult situations that may occur when they are away from us. For this reason, it is always the right time to be educating children on concrete, age-appropriate safety skills. 1. Teach kids developmentally appropriate views of sex, sexuality, and their bodies. 2. Instruct kids to respect their bodies and the bodies of others. 3. Train kids to pay attention when something (or someone) makes them uncomfortable. 4. Instill the ability to discuss hard topics without fear, shame or embarrassment. 5. Teach them who is safe to go to when they are in need and you are not available. [Read More]