4 Principles for Talking to Your Kids about Sex | Julie Lowe

As a parent, how comfortable are you talking with your children about sex? Not so much? Why is that? God created sex to bless us—why is it so hard to talk about? For many, it is our own discomfort with the topic. Perhaps you did not grow up in an environment where it was discussed, or, if it was, the subject was clearly shameful or unpleasant. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable because you are uncertain of what to say or how to say it. Whatever the reason, avoiding the topic communicates that you are unable or unwilling (or both) to discuss it, and your children will look elsewhere with their questions. This leaves them vulnerable to the beliefs of their friends and the barrage of images, attitudes, and concepts of sexuality/morality from the larger culture. It can even increase their risk of being victims of sexual crimes because they have no filter to make sense of what is evil and what is good. [Read More]