Biblical Evangelism | Richard Coekin

Evangelism is proclaiming the Gospel – the good news about Jesus Christ which is God’s power to save all who believe it and turn from sin to follow him. This article explains what ‘Evangelism’ is and explores the enduring Biblical message, motives and methods for its practice in every age and culture. Jesus himself was an ‘Evangelist’ who called his followers to learn how to ‘evangelize’. His Apostles provide us with clear instructions about the message, motives and methods of evangelism in every age and culture. Within these enduring guidelines, Christians and Churches will explore a wide variety of ‘evangelistic’ initiatives that prove effective in different contexts. ‘Evangelism’ is both a thrilling privilege and the urgent priority of God’s people. Because it is God’s mission for which he has delayed the end of the world, it obeys the ‘great commission’ of Jesus to make disciples of all nations, and it is the means by which the Holy Spirit draws all who are chosen for salvation from the horrors of hell into the happiness of heaven, to the glory of God forever. [Read More]