Christ as Mediator: The Offices of Christ | Thomas J. Nettles

As the mediator between God and his people, Jesus Christ fulfills and unifies three offices that are present yet distinct in the Old Testament. Those who hold the office of prophet are those by whom God’s people are given necessary knowledge about God. Jesus Christ came as the perfect prophet because he is the very word of God himself. Priests are those by whom God’s people are forgiven, justified, and reconciled to God. Jesus came as the perfect priest because it is by his sacrificial death and ongoing life that we are reconciled to God. The kings of Israel were charged with carrying out God’s rule on earth. Now, Jesus reigns as king over all of creation and exercises God’s reign perfectly as God. These three offices were first clearly outlined and described by John Calvin and have served as an organizing principle for the ministry and person of Christ in later confessions and catechisms. [Read More]