Humanity as Male and Female | Claire Smith

God made humanity in his image as both male and female, which reflects the harmony and relationality of the Trinity, supplies the foundation for the different roles and responsibilities of men and women, was reaffirmed in the life of Jesus Christ, and cannot be reinvented or dissolved by new cultural standards. To be made in the image of God is to be made as sexed and gendered humans, both male and female. This “sexual dimorphism” reflects the diversity and unity within the Trinity and shows us that we are made for each other. As male and female, humans have different roles and responsibilities that are grounded in the creation; he has responsibilities to lead, and she has responsibilities to accept his leadership and partner with him in fulfilling their joint mandate, relations that are most clearly worked out in the relationship of marriage. While sin entered the world by distorting gender differences, Jesus Christ came as a gendered human and opened the way for our genders and relationships to be redeemed. This does not allow for sex and gender to be redefined; rather, we are to live all the more faithfully within our roles and responsibilities indicated by our sex, while sharing equally in the inheritance of Christ from God. [Read More]