The Absurdity of Pride | Ed Welch

Pride might help us feel strong and attractive in our own eyes, at least for a moment. But in reality, it is a gross violation of our created design. When seen accurately it is ugly, destructive, and utterly absurd. It is the absurdity and ridiculousness of pride that I want to consider. A child hits his younger brother. His wrongdoing is obvious and his mother tells him that he must ask for forgiveness. Asking forgiveness—what could be more natural? But the words simply will not come out of his mouth. His pride will accept any other discipline than saying, “Will you forgive me?” Four words—why won’t he just say them? Because his pride hates the idea. It has an irrational loathing of humility. And you can see all humanity in this child. How many adults have done something blatantly wrong and simply cannot apologize? How many adults have never even said, “I’m sorry”—a very small step—let alone “Will you forgive me?” It is truly odd given the truth about us. [Read More]