Why Prayer Is Hard for Me | Laura Andrews

I’ve never been very good at long-distance relationships. I often cringe when my phone rings, no matter who is calling. I can take days, weeks, or even months to return a call or even a text from a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while. And often, when I finally bring myself to reach out, I feel angst throughout the conversation, even if it is a pleasant one. Based on these reactions, you might think, “She must not enjoy interacting with people or think relational engagement is that important.” Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact that I am a vocational counselor should tell you that I think it is of the highest importance. Talking with people is actually one of the most fulfilling and energizing things I do! But ironically, when it comes to long-distance communication, I am often tempted to avoid people, even those who are important to me. In fact, it is the people I cherish most that I have the hardest time connecting with when they are not physically present with me. I have analyzed these perplexing patterns for years and pondered why long-distance engagement is so hard for me. Here are some of the observations I’ve made. [Read More]