Teens and Body Image | Julie Lowe

As parents, we teach our children not to lie. Perhaps less discussed and more difficult to identify is when your child believes a lie, especially one that consumes their thoughts and actions. In today’s culture, a common lie that many youth buy into concerns body image. They believe they have to be a certain size or body type, or achieve a certain “look” to gain attention and be respected. Pop culture, media, and the beauty industry add to the pressure by endorsing unattainable and arbitrary standards based on what is popular at the moment. Those who struggle this way feel they are constantly being measured and judged by others. It is as if everywhere they turn there is a mirror in front of them. Worse, the mirror is a carnival mirror, distorting their real appearance. They see elongated arms, shortened ankles, a widened waist, a huge forehead. The image they see is not only distortion of who they actually are, it is a distortion of where their true value lies. [Read More]