Rebuilding Parental Authority | Julie Lowe

God places loving authority in the hands of parents. It is a responsibility to lead, oversee, and direct a home in a wise, godly manner. Loving authority is trustworthy; acting on behalf of those it governs and does what is right. It is judicious and benevolent and understands the need to direct, and instruct, and establish rules. It models Christ-like influence and points children to a God they can trust and follow. But children often rebel, rejecting parental authority. Sometimes this is due to defiance within the child. Other times, it may be due to the influence of their peers, or reflect the strong aversion to authority found in our culture. When this happens, we often attempt to reinstate our parental rights by quoting Scripture and demanding that children comply. But most children do not bow their heads and humbly repent of their ways when parents do this. Rather, they respond with a readiness to battle for control and independence. [Read More]