For the Moms Stuck Inside | Alasdair Groves

Call it cabin fever, seasonal affective disorder or just feeling cooped up, caring for young children during the winter is no joke when the walls feel like they are closing in around you. On top of feeling stuck inside with your kids, it takes more effort to bundle kids up and do anything or see anyone. That means a lot of moms feel isolated during the winter. I have not experienced this first hand, of course. The closest I have ever come to walking in your shoes was a stretch of about three days when my wife was gone at a wedding and I was home with our two girls. (I have no idea how you get anything done. Ever.) However, I sense that the experience of feeling trapped and isolated can quench your joy and challenge your faith, and that makes me want to offer help where I can. So here are a few ideas I had. I doubt that anyone will find every suggestion helpful, but hopefully at least one thing will resonate with you and you’ll be able to adapt these thoughts to your situation. My prayer is that Christ uses these reflections to spark hope and cut through some of the discouragement you’re feeling this winter. [Read More]