More On How To Understand Biological Factors In Counseling | Mike Emlet

How might you discern if a particular behavior is rooted in personal sin or is the result of living in a sin-cursed world (i.e., the result of a disordered body)? I particularly wonder about the presence of causative physiological factors if my counselee’s struggle marks a sudden or substantial change from his/her usual self, if the struggle remains particularly severe despite the person engaging in the counseling process, or if the struggle is particularly long-lasting. These features don’t necessarily point to a significant bodily component of causation, but they invite me to slow down, seek consultation from a trusted physician, and do some further research. Even if weight is placed on physiological factors, it doesn’t mean that sinful behavior is simply excused; we always stand responsible before God as his body-soul image bearers. But it does mean that we address that disobedience in the context of bodily weakness. [Read More]