Adultery and Reconciliation: 10 Years Later | Ed Welch

If you had asked the betrayed partner before the adultery, “Do you think you could ever reconcile if your spouse was adulterous?” Most would have said, with confidence, “no!” Yet—many do. But how? What is their secret? …It is this. They are able to reconcile because God gives grace—lots of grace—to couples facing this betrayal. He knows the consequences of adultery—because he experiences it. God, himself, is joined to his people, and his people have been adulterous. Take a look at the book of Hosea or James 4. We are adulterous; he is betrayed. As a result, our God has a soft spot in his heart for victims of adultery. He comforts and gives more grace than we could imagine. So many people, though they can go through moments of seemingly unbearable pain, receive power to love and be reunited from the God who stays committed to adulterers and cares for those they betray. [Read More]