Hoarding: First Steps on a Complicated Problem | Ed Welch

Some hoarders have no words to describe the tension they feel when there is a threat that something could be discarded. Can we find some words that can get them (and us) started? What does the King say? The New Testament describes life with Jesus as King. That life, of course, is usually the opposite of how we normally think and live. In the Kingdom we live by faith in Jesus, from start to finish. For hoarders, the task is to consider how their basic beliefs would be transformed if they really knew the King, both his presence and power. For example, in light of the Kingdom, possible wrong decisions about what we discard are exposed as legalistic. Whereas Jesus draws our attention to the more important matters of love and mercy, hoarding focuses on non-essential matters. It hopes to master one realm of our world apart from faith. [Read More]