Jesus Christ, the Son of Man | Fred Zaspel

The designation Son of Man means, for Jesus, both that he is human as we are, a son of Adam, and that he is the coming Messiah, who has been given authority by the Most High and reigns over his kingdom through his weakness, seen most clearly at the cross. While the expression “son of man” occurs frequently in the OT as a synonym for “man,” the book of Daniel also uses it to refer to the coming divine ruler who will be given authority and a kingdom by God; both of these usages form the background of the Jesus’s own self-designation as the Son of Man. We understand how this Son of Man will reign his kingdom, then, by the way that Jesus himself takes up the authority given to him by God to rule, namely, in his suffering, death, and resurrection on our behalf. We know, therefore, that this Son of Man rules his kingdom by means of his weakness, though he will one day come again in power to finally destroy all of his enemies and take his rightful place as the visible king of creation. [Read More]