The 5 Movements in Isaiah | Davy Ellison

Yahweh is called “the Holy One of Israel” on 31 occasions in the Old Testament. Strikingly, 25 of these occur in Isaiah. This title for God is a particular favorite of Isaiah’s. It reminds the reader that this God is utterly unique, distinct from any other. And yet the addition “of Israel” reminds us that a people belong to this holy God. At this vital moment in Israelite history, Isaiah assures the people of God they will be known as “redeemed ones” (Isa. 35:9; 51:10; 62:12; 63:4). This is Isaiah’s focus: the Holy One of Israel and the redemption of his people. Isaiah’s desire is that his readers, far from being lost, find their place in the Holy One of Israel’s flawless kingdom. [Read More]