Brown, J. K. (2004). Silent Wives, Verbal Believers: Ethical and Hermeneutical Considerations in 1 Peter 3: 1-6 and Its Context.

First Peter’s exhortations to Christian wives (1 Pet 3:1-6) and its call to Christian living for all believers (3:14-16) exhibit significant linguistic repetition. Does the similarity of terminology indicate a similarity of values? In this essay, I conclude that, while most of the mirrored language between these passages conveys a common Christian ethic, some repeated terminology does in fact highlight differing ethics. I will focus my attention on one such example. The ethical tension between the silent witness exhorted for wives with their unbelieving husbands (3:1) will be examined in relationship to the command for believers to be ready with a verbal defense of their Christian hope (3:15). Following this, I will explore hermeneutical considerations for understanding this ethical tension. [Read More]