Jesus Christ: The Last Adam | Brandon D. Crowe

This essay focuses on the biblical portrait of Adam and his relation to Christ. First, I will consider what the OT says about Adam, including the covenant made with Adam. In the beginning God entered into a covenant with Adam promising him eternal life on the condition of perfect obedience. Adam is therefore best understood as a covenant head whose actions affect all those who are “in him.” Second, I will look at the NT witness of Adam, which is closely tied to the person and work of Christ. This is evident especially in the Gospels, Acts, and Paul’s epistles. Like Adam, Jesus is also a covenant head. Unlike Adam, Jesus loved and obeyed God fully. Jesus’s representative obedience overcomes the disobedience of Adam and benefits all those who are united to Christ by faith. Third, I will consider some practical implications of the Bible’s teaching on Adam. [Read More]