Day, A. (2016). Lifted up and glorified: Isaiah’s servant language in the Gospel of John.

Jesus’ washing his disciples’ feet (John 13:1-11) powerfully depicts his servant role in the Gospel of John. Though most Christians associate Jesus with the role of the servant, the servant figure has a rich history in the Scriptures of Israel. Several major figures in the history of Israel are referred to as God’s Servant. The servant motif reaches its climax in the book of Isaiah through the mysterious figure of the Servant of the Lord. In the course of describing Jesus’ ministry and death, John provides hints that Jesus is the fulfillment of this figure from Isaiah. In this study, I will seek to demonstrate that John uses Servant language from Isaiah to describe Jesus as the Servant of the Lord from Isaiah. Because Jesus provides the ultimate example of servanthood, it is not altogether surprising that John utilizes Isaiah’s portrait of the Servant of the Lord in his picture of Jesus. The importance of Isaiah to the Gospel of John is clear based on the four quotations to Isaiah (1:23; 6:45; 12:38; 12:40), but it is the allusions to Isaiah that will play a primary role in the study that follows, though selected quotations will be analyzed. [PDF]