Satterthwaite, P.E., Hess, R., Wenham, G., & Hugenberger, G.P. (2003). The Servant of the Lord in the ‘ Servant Songs ’ of Isaiah : a Second Moses Figure.

No explanation for the identity of the servant of the Lord in the ‘servant songs’ of Isaiah commands a scholarly consensus. This study attempts to overcome the present impasse by rejecting the dismemberment of Isaiah 40-66 advanced by Duhm and others, who isolate the ‘servant songs’ from their immediate literary context. Taking account of that context, which is dominated by a pervasive second exodus theme, this essay argues that Isaiah’s servant figure is to be identified with the expected ‘prophet like Moses’ (Dt. 18:14ff.; 34:10ff.). Such an approach enriches the interpretation of Isaiah 52:13-53:12 in particular and offers substantial support for the NT’s messianic interpretation without presupposing that interpretation, as is often done. [PDF]